Panda Dynasty

Treasure Hunters begin their Colourful Journey

Happy Halloween!

Like many reading this, I remember treasure hunts as a kid with a sense of excitement and nostalgia.

Whether it was a chocolate egg or a party game at a friends birthday party, these events always had me racing around tearing up my home or a friends garden for the surprise of a small treat.

Well, the fantastic team at PANDA DYNASTY NFT have organised a TREASURE HUNT with eight (8) steps to possibly becoming one of only eighty eight (88) lucky winners to unlock a TREASURE CHEST filled with incredible prizes. It makes perfect sense that eight (8) winners from those holding one or more Pandas from the collection of 8,888 PANDA DYNASTY NFTs should have to complete eight (8) steps on the TREASURE HUNT to win.

Why? Well, the number eight (8) is a LUCKY NUMBER in China, the ancestral homeland for all PANDA DYNASTY NFTs.

Now is the best time to mention the current competition that is running. The team at PANDA DYNASTY are giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to China! Just share your videos on social media and tag PANDA DYNASTY for a chance to visit Pandas up close and personal. The trip of a lifetime!

PANDA PASS #1: PANDA DYNASTY NFT - The first key to the Treasure Chest

Simply hold a PANDA DYNASTY NFT to be part of the community and participate in the TREASURE HUNT. The easiest way to earn your first PANDA PASS is to have minted or purchase a PANDA DYNASTY NFT to start your TREASURE HUNT  journey. There are so many great PANDA DYNASTY NFTs available through OPENSEA.IO when you buy one, you will more than likely grow the family with more. 

Each Panda is unique with different traits from colourful fur, facial expressions to accessories and backgrounds. Check them all out! The growing popularity in this NFT is due to the loveable art and strong development work that the team is tirelessly putting in behind the scenes to make this a great community-focused project.

PANDA PASS #2: PANDA PUMPKIN NFT - The second key to the Treasure Chest

For those who held their PANDA DYNASTY NFT in the lead up to HALLOWEEN, a special NFT has been created to celebrate not only Halloween but also offer a second PANDA PASS. The PANDA PUMPKIN NFT. This is such a cool idea whereby if you held your NFT at the date of the airdrop then you were rewarded with a FREE PANDA PUMPKIN NFT for each PANDA DYNASTY NFT you held. The more you held then the better your chances at gaining your second PANDA PASS. 

Holders didn’t have to do anything as the team went about airdropping numbered FREE PANDA PUMPKIN NFTs to their corresponding identically numbered PANDA DYNASTY NFT. I hold PANDA DYNASTY NFT #906 and I awoke to find a FREE PANDA PUMPKIN NFT #906 hidden in my OPENSEA.IO Collection yesterday.  To view your PANDA PUMPKIN NFT there is a video explaining how here There was NO COST at all to holders as the team reduced their GAS fees using MATIC. Pressing the play button on your PANDA PUMPKIN NFT, the image magically cycles through a range of colours.

When the clock strikes 00:01 UTC on 31st of October, 2021 (HALLOWEEN), magic happens! The black and white outlined PANDA PUMPKIN NFT will magically transform into a pumpkin of the same colouring as its corresponding PANDA DYNASTY NFT. Meaning that if I look at the colour of my Pandas (black as in the image) - I will be the owner of a FREE PUMPKIN NFT coloured black. Looking through the possible fur traits on OPENSEA.IO I calculate there might be fourteen (14) different colours that the pumpkins will be coloured come the 31st of October. What makes this exciting is not all colours will result in a PANDA PASS being eligible. Only those holders of a correctly coloured PANDA PUMPKIN NFTs will hold their second PANDA PASS.

I was madly up all night putting some thought into this. Here is what I think the PANDA PUMPKIN NFTs may look like, based upon the fur colouring found around the eyes and ears of your PANDA DYNASTY NFT.

Again, I must stress this is MY prediction and, while I am sure you are all impressed with my MS PAINT next-level work, it pales in comparison to what awaits you on HALLOWEEN!

Thanks to the project techs using another crypto that is way more flexible and adapted to games POLYGON ( An ETHEREUM compatible protocol that provides the project techs with new and innovative ways of building upon the success of the initial mint and the PANDA DYNASTY NFTs. What's amazing is the project team made sure it was all FREE to its community and the PANDA DYNASTY NFT holders.

I am looking forward to seeing the different coloured FREE PANDA PUMPKIN NFTs displayed by holders when the transformation occurs in their community DISCORD server. Make sure to tag it with PANDA DYNASTY to be in with a chance to go to China and meet real Pandas! The black and white art is great, but when it transforms to colour, it will make a great addition to everyone's collection. Who wouldn’t want a gift? Again, this is only possible through the efforts of the PANDA DYNASTY team, think about it… they developed a total of 8,888 additional NFTs created for every PANDA DYNASTY NFT. Incredible!!!

Those who hold a PANDA DYNASTY NFT can also help shape the prizes ultimately won when the TREASURE CHEST opens. It is refreshing to see that in the community DISCORD server, everyone has a chance to vote and comment on actions that the PANDA DYNASTY NFT team make. Decisions are fair and everyone has a say in the details of how the project moves forward. Not too many projects give their community that much access or input which is a wonderful sign that the team recognise the power of engagement with their community. I am so happy to be a part of this dynamic evolution of the PANDA DYNASTY NFT. 

The PANDA DYNASTY team have been counting votes on how to fill the chest. One of the winning votes was to have royalties flow into the TREASURE CHEST so that by the end of the TREASURE HUNT, it will be full of ETH, NFTs, Merch items and tons of surprises for those lucky eight (8) PANDA DYNASTY NFT holders.

The founder and the PANDA DYNASTY project team have poured their heart and soul into this project, and it shows. To produce an original NFT Art Collection of this quality but then develop a second collection to compliment it (8,888 PANDA PUMPKIN NFTs) as a  compatible expansion is unreal. Next to be added to compliment your PANDA DYNASTY NFT  are BACKGROUNDS and ACCESSORIES as we move through the steps of the TREASURE HUNT.

My head hurts just thinking about the sheer scale of this project and its anticipated expansion when looking at the ROAD MAP. Most NFTs get bought and sold at the drop of a hat, but this collection rewards long term holders and those who support the community. You only have to read the project teams announcements and posts to feel their enthusiasm for the project and love for its community members. 

The PANDA DYNASTY team continues to surprise me with its ambitious goals and perfect execution of cool tech stuff, like having their original ETH NFT transform the new POLYGON NFT to make the HALLOWEEN event a reality. The next two PANDA PASS steps are the WASHING MACHINE FOR ACCESSORIES and BACKGROUND ACCESSORIES. We are not even halfway, and I was impressed with just the art before, but now with the FREE PANDA PUMPKIN... I’m in love!

There are no tricks, only treats for those holding PANDA DYNASTY NFTs and until next time, happy haunting and be safe out there! Me entertaining crowds at Sydney’s LUNA PARK in 2019 before Covid-19 stopped us celebrating until 2021. Rejoice and watch those PANDA PUMPKINS transform!