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Panda Passes

8 Panda Passes are hidden and waiting

Deep within the Bamboo Forest, located in a far off corner of the digital world, an extraordinary treasure hunt awaits. Join today by purchasing at least one of our Panda Dynasty NFTs secured on Ethereum Blockchain. And remember, X always marks the spot!

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The hunt is on

We’ve already released the pandas. Now it is your turn to play!

The Quest

Hidden in the Bamboo Forest there is a unique set of Panda Passes. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect each Panda Pass by successfully finding and solving ridiculously fun, sometimes difficult, always exciting games. You need these Panda-Passes to move forward with the hunt.

The Panda Passes

From pumpkins to time machines and lucky bamboo NFTs, each Panda Pass has a specific goal, implementing more utility into the hunt.

Quest map

The Winners

Being part of our “only for panda holders” discord channel, THE BAMBOO, you will be able to find each Panda Pass and game. The treasure is unlocked with each step moved forward and the first players to collect all will have a chance at the ultimate prize!

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The Treasure
At least5 ETH
100%OpenSea royalties
25%of all merch and comic sales
Panda NFTsand more...

How to...



Only those who purchase a unique Panda Dynasty NFT may participate.


Get passes

Play games and solve puzzles. This will unlock Panda Passes that will be airdropped into your wallet.



Be one of the first to connect your Metamask wallet into our bamboo chest!

Panda Passes

Panda Dynasty NFT
Grab your ticket to proceed forward. By being a holder, the adventure begins.
Magical Pumpkin
Merge your panda NFT with matching pumpkin of your own. Only 8 colors will win. Click here to see the list of the winning colors
Comics unlock
Thanks to clues discovered in the comics you will unlock a special NFT that will help to open the treasure.
Lucky Bamboo Video Game Episode 1
Players that finish the first episode of the game will receive a Lucky Bamboo NFT. But hurry; you must resolve the puzzle quickly to proceed forward.
The Washing Machine
Looks like we are ready to clean our accessories. Enter the foundry for your accessory Panda Pass.
Background Accessory
Extract the accessory from your Panda NFT to create a Panda Pass.
Time Machine Video Game Episode 2
Be one of the first players to finish the second episode of the game and you’ll receive the time Machine NFT.
Bamboo Ticket
Last NFT is the Bamboo Ticket that will give you a chance to win a part of the Bamboo treasure.

Get your first Panda Pass

To participate you must own at least one Panda NFT

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