Through the point-and-click desktop experience, Pandas must solve puzzles and enigmas to save Planet Earth and start a peaceful Dynasty.

Play to earn

The play-to-earn Panda Dynasty Game opens the portal to the Bamboo Metaverse and Panda holders have the opportunity to win Boosts, NFTs, and more.

Now that Pandas have successfully taken Earth, the war is over, and there’s peace for all, we still crave a little competition.

Indie game studio

Leaders have partnered with Space Indie Studios to design a point and click desktop game so we can all enjoy recreation while satisfying our non-bamboo cravings.

Month of November the game will be released and the first competition will conclude with Pandas #0 and #1 being awarded to the top scorers. Good luck! We have some fierce Pandas in our community and it’s anyone’s game.


The first Pandas Players to surpass all levels in the game will be airdropped a Time Machine NFT to complete our mission! Combine the power of your Panda with that of the Time Machine in order to transform rogues into Baby Panda NFTs!

The game will be also the way to create in near future a utility token associated to our Dynasty. In phase 2, Bamboo token will be used for exchanges within the game.