1. Object of the current regulation

The game PANDA DYNASTY is organized by the SARL PANDA DYNASTY, French society registered at the Registre du commerce et des sociétés under number 878475094, having its headquarters 51, rue de Maubeuge – 75009 Paris, operating a service of on blockchain-Collecting-items emissions and sales of derivative products of these Collecting-items. In the framework of this activity, it organizes a promotional game for its users, governed by the current Regulation. 

The game, entitled “PANDA DYNASTY”, is based on a virtual treasure hunt formed by mini-games available on the website https://pandadynasty.io.

The current Rules apply to the Game, provided to the Users of the Service. Nevertheless, the current regulation will be leant on the stringent respect of the terms and conditions accessible at the following link : https://pandadynasty.io/terms.

The game is free but it is submitted to the detention of a Collecting item hereinafter defined. 

2. Definitions of terms, words and expressions

  • To collect refers to the digital items depicting a Panda, available within the Service and the underlying tokens suitable for use on a blockchain.

  • Registration refers to the submission of the Collecting item “PANDA DYNASTY” User to take part in the treasure hunt.

  • Registration period refers to the period of time when the User may take part in the Game, which consists of a treasure hunt.

  • Game refers to the game PANDA DYNASTY ; its rules are determined by the current Regulation and consist of a treasure hunt.

  • Organizer refers to the SARL PANDA DYNASTY, French society with a capital of 10.000 euros, registered at the Registre du commerce et des sociétés under the number 878475094, having its headquarters 51, rue de Maubeuge – 75009 Paris.

  • Participant refers to the Users owning one or more collectible items and wishing to take part in the game, which consists of a treasure hunt.

  • Panda Pass refers to the on blockchain and digital collectible keys in order to have access to the treasure.

  • Giveaway refers to the gain of contest games

  • Merch refers to the derivative products using the specifications of the collectible items sold on the website.

  • Regulation refers to the current regulation relevant in the context of the Game. When he submits a registration, the Participant fully and unconditionally approves the current regulation.

  • Services refers to all the services provided by the website

  • Website refers to the website, including its subdomains, and every other website by which PANDA DYNASTY provides its services.

  • Treasure refers to the prize of the treasure hunt.

  • Comics refers to a comic spread on the specialized online platforms

3. Description of the game PANDA DYNASTY

The Game is a free game organized to promote the main activity of the Organizer. The Game consists of a treasure hunt made up of interactive games.  

The Game’s goal is to gather some “Panda passes” while playing interactive games and with the help of a collectible item. 

The holder of all the “Panda passes” will have access to the treasure, as it is undermentioned. 

The Treasure will be shared between the 88 holders of all the “Panda passes” and will be advertised by the Organizer as undermentioned.

Those 88 winners will be selected through a public and live raffle shared on the discord of the community. 

4. Duration of the game PANDA DYNASTY

The game is proposed for an unlimited duration from September 4, 2021 to a to be defined date in Q1 2022. 

5. Terms of access to the game PANDA DYNASTY

The Game is open to every physical person older than 18 years old at the time of the Participation, who is also holder of at least one digital PANDA DYNASTY “Panda” collectible item and respects the sales and using terms and conditions of the service accessible on the following website: https://pandadynasty.io

A PANDA DYNASTY collectible item will only be rewarded by the gain of a part of the Treasure proposed by PANDA DYNASTY. 

6. PANDA DYNASTY game registration period

The Users’ participation must be included into the duration of the game. 

The winners of the games will be selected by the Organizer though a live and public raffle. 

7. Progress of the game PANDA DYNASTY

For the whole duration of the game, the Users will be submitted to interactive games. These games will enable the gain of “Panda Passes”. 

8 “Panda Passes” (determined by the Organizer) will unblock the access to the Treasure. All users able to collect the 8 “Panda Passes” will get a raffle ticket letting them to have a chance to win a part of the chest.

8. Fraud

Any player who would not respect the current Regulation or with a behaviour considered as unappropriate may be excluded from the game. 

If the fraud has induced the obtaining of a “Panda Pass” and/or the treasure, his “Panda Pass” will be withdrawn, as well as the treasure, and every associated gain. 

9. Nature of the PANDA DYNASTY prize

The prizes awarded on the occasion of interactive games are: 

  • Some “Panda Pass”, which also may be bought by a Participant. The first 88 users picked up though the public raffle will share the following prizes in accordance with the proportion determined by the Organizer and depending on the order of connections.

  • Collectible items "Panda Dynasty”

  • Ethereum: The price of ethereum is exclusively assigned in ethereum and could never be deducted from the legal tender. The amount of the ethereum price is determined regardless of the value of ethereum on legal tender. The price of ethereum will be formed by 3 ethereums dropped by the organisator, 100% of the royalties from the Open Sea sales, and 25% of the profits from comics and merch sales. Moreover, the Organizer may enrich the Treasure if he intends to.

 The awarded prizes will be published on the website. 

10. Attribution of the prize by PANDA DYNASTY

The prizes are automatically transferred into the winners’ portfolio of accounts. 

11. Announcement of the PANDA DYNASTY game’s winners

The winners are informed of their win through the credit on their wallet of a part of the treasure. 

12. Liability

12.1. Limitation of liability 

Concerning the process of the game, the Organizer is debtor of an obligation of means regarding all his obligations specified in the current regulation. 

If however his liability was committed on behalf of his obligation of means, the Organizer will not be held beyond the Participant’s loss of chance to win. 

12.2. Exclusion of liability 

The Organizer’s liability will not be engaged in case of force majeure, blame or carelessness of the Participant, especially concerning the Object or the loss of price. 

The force majeure is related to the notion of article 1218 of the French Civil code and its interpretation given by the French courts. It is expressly agreed that a protocol or blockchain technology failure (for example Ethereum or Wallet) will be considered as a case of force majeure. 

13. Modification

 The Organizer retains his right to modify, at any time, all or part of the Regulation. When playing, the Participants subscribe to the change of the Regulation. The applicable version of the Regulation is the last version published at the date of use of the services proposed by the Organizer. 

PANDA DYNASTY retains the right to alter or cease at any time the accessibility of all or part of its Services and/or its website or applications. 

14. Non-waiver

The fact that the Organizer does not apply a clause of the current regulation during a given time does not make that clause subsequently unenforceable. The inapplicated clause remains valid for all that and should not be percepted by the Participant as a waiver of the clause. Therefore the Organizer will be able to execute the clause at any time. 

If a clause of the current regulation were null, that nullity does not generate the nullity of the whole current terms and conditions ; all other clauses remain valid.  

15. Competence and applicable legislation

The current Regulation is only governed by French law. 

In case of dispute between the Organizer and a Participant, the Participant commits himself to inform the Clients Service to pandadynastynft@gmail.com, mentioning his contact details and the reasons for his discontent.  

In case of dispute, the Participant will be able to seize the territorially competent jurisdiction according to the law. Unless otherwise specified or public order provision, only the courts within the jurisdiction of the court of appeal of Paris will be competent. 

Last updated on November 4, 2021