Panda Dynasty bringing exclusive treasure hunt and interactive game to the NFT space

The treasure hunt

So if you are not familiar with the Panda Dynasty Treasure hunt, it is the main focus for our project, the Panda Dynasty.

Join us in an exclusive treasure hunt by going on an adventure through the bamboo forest. X marks the spot, but you must obtain a pandapass to proceed. Obtain eight Panda passes for a chance at the ultimate prize. The first eight to finish the hunt will be able to open the treasure chest.

Treasure utility

We are really excited to introduce all this utility to the community and hope that it entices others to join us. The treasure hunt begins here.

The panda dynasty treasure will grow as we work our way through the map. The contents of the treasure will be suggested and voted on by the bamboo council (such as other projects like donation we made). To be a part of the bamboo council, you must hold a Panda Dynasty NFT.