Panda Dynasty

Ready to Panda Dynasty rumble game?

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the very first Panda Dynasty Blog!

We are so happy that you have found your way here. With that said, let's touch on the project a little for a brief update.

On the roadmap again...

The Panda Dynasty Roadmap is fully updated with full steam ahead as we work through the roadmap. We are also really excited to introduce the Panda Dynasty treasure hunt to bring more excitement and utility to the project while keeping the community engaged. We would not be here if it were not for all of you, so a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

As we progress through the roadmap, we'd love to touch on what is happening over at the Panda Dynasty. 

The comic

With the community's help, we could write and sketch all eight episodes of the Panda Dynasty comic. We are getting ready to deliver the first fully polished episode within the coming week on various digital comic platforms such as webtoons, tapas, and more! Learn More

I'm begging you for Merch

The next step in our roadmap is merch. Because what Panda doesn't want to be stylin'? The Panda Dynasty Merch store is currently under development and will be released soon on the Panda Dynasty website. As you have seen in the discord, there are lots of exciting products coming your way. Some to include the chance of earning royalties. Learn more about the upcoming merch here.

Point, click and earn

Now onto some of the good stuff, the Panda Dynasty Game! We have partnered with Indie Studios to design and develop the panda dynasty game. What to expect? A point-and-click desktop game for a bit of adventure and friendly competition. Learn more about the Panda Dynasty Game here.

But wait, there's more!!!!

The Panda Dynasty is bringing an exclusive and interactive treasure hunt to the NFT space. The treasure hunt will deliver more than just milestones in a roadmap. With the Bamboo Council's help and vote, we have created a DAO to fill the treasure chest for the panda dynasty treasure hunt. This coming Halloween, we have a spooky treat in store for all Panda holders, this is your first Pandapass, but the fun does not stop here. There will be ample opportunity to earn Pandapasses as we work our way through the holiday season. Tune into here to learn more.